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Ryan adams, Adams Mortgage investments

Ryan Adams is a fourth-generation Mortgage and Real Estate Broker. Ryan took over the business in 2013 after Edward passed away, during that time Ryan had continued to uphold the Adams family reputation and excellence in note buying and brokering.  His venture into the real estate business began in 1995 while he studied Finance at Oklahoma State University.  In addition to the note purchasing business Ryan began working for an Investment Advisory firm in 2007 and continues to maintain that position, this position has given him a solid background in finance and has opened doors to obtain private funding from investors.

In early 2006, Ryan joined his father Edward to continue on the Adams family tradition. Studying beside Edward, Ryan has learned firsthand about the Mortgage Note Brokering business from one of the most honored and trusted professionals in the business.

Ryan's unparalleled family background in Finance, Real Estate, and the Note Brokering businesses gives him an unrivaled and distinctive edge among others in the Note selling and purchasing businesses.

Edward J. Adams himself was a Master Note Broker and was a real estate professional for more than 40 years. Edward's background in Mortgage Banking, Real Estate Investments and Property Management gave him a unique perspective on the Note Business. Nationally recognized, Ed was leader, innovator and instructor in the Debt Instrument Field.

Edward J. Adams passed away in 2013 leaving his son Ryan Adams to carry on the family legacy.

About E.J. Adams Mortgage Note Brokers

Edward J. Adams, Adams Mortgage

Edward J. Adams is a third-generation Mortgage and Real Estate Broker. For over 70 years, his family has helped cultivate and shape the real estate industry in Oklahoma.

In 1935, with Edward's grandfather, Adams' Finance Corporation funded the first Federal Housing Administration loan in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1960, Edward's father created Great Western Investment Trust; which was the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Oklahoma to buy real estate notes.